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Said Haddadin
Said Haddadin

Said Haddadin
March 20, 1945, Ma’in – Jordan


Lvove College of Art, USSR, 1974
Degree: B.A. degree in Arts


  • 1975 Soviet Cultural Center, Jordan.
  • 1984 Soviet Cultural Center, Jordan.
  • 1985 Spanish Cultural Center, Jordan.
  • 1989 Soviet Cultural Center, Jordan.
  • 1989 Professional Association Center, Jordan.
  • 1995 Orfali Gallery, Jordan.
  • 1996 Orfali Gallery, Jordan.
  • 1997 Al-Madinah Gallery, Jordan.
  • 1998 Darat el Funoun, Jordan.
  • 2000 Al-Madinah Gallery, Jordan.
  • 2002 Orfali Gallery / Jordan.
  • 2005 Al-Madinah Gallery, Jordan.
  • 2008 Al-Madinah Gallery, Jordan.

Also participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Jordan and abroad including:

  • 1976 15th of May Art Exhibition, Jordanian Writers’ Union.
  • 1977 First Jordanian Fine Arts Exhibition.
  • 1980 Jordanian Artists Association Exhibition.
  • 1981 Aqaba Spring Festival.
  • 1987 Spanish Cultural Center (Jordanian Art Collections).
  • 1988 Professional Association Center, Amman, collection of caricatures relating to the 1987-1988 Palestinian Uprising (INTIFADA).
  • 1989 BARBICAN Center (collections from Islamic Arts) London.
  • 1991 FINIQ Gallery (collections from Jordanian Art) Amman.
  • 1993 Exhibition for caricatures for Arab Arts, Marriott Hotel Amman.
  • 1994 AIN Gallery (Iraqi Jordanian Modern Art) Amman.
  • 1994 Italian Language Center (collections from Jordanian and Iraqi Art), Amman.
  • 1994 Orfali Gallery (Jordan-Iraqi Joint art exhibition) Amman.
  • 1994 BABEL Festival for Art, Baghdad.
  • 1996 Jordanian Exhibition, Al-Madinah Gallery, Amman.
  • 1996 Exhibition for caricatures for Arab Arts, Yemen, Sana’a.
  • 2000 Jordanian Exhibition, Beijing.
  • 2001 Sharjah International Arts Biennial 5th Session April, Sharjah.
  • 2002 From the Ocean to the Gulf and Beyond – Arab Modern Art, The Jordan National Gallery of Fin Arts.
  • 2004 Festival of Mediterranean People, August, Blaceglie (Bari), Italy.
  • 2005 Jordanian Exhibition in Medeny, Sudan.


  • Participated in the Jordan International Art Symposium, Jordan 2009.
  • Participated in the international Forum for Plastic Arts III, Sharm El Sheakh – Egypt, 2009.
  • During his years of study he held exhibits in Kiev and Lvov in the USSR.
  • Today, several of his works hang in the private collections of individuals in Jordan, Australia, France, Lebanon, Iraq, USA, Syria, Germany, Sweden, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Qatar, Japan and Egypt.
  • Collections of his works are displayed in Jordan International Museum, Ministry of Culture, Qatar Museum, Greater Amman Municipality, Audi Bank collection, Sheraton Hotel collection.
  • Mr. Haddadin has contributed cartoons and caricatures to local periodicals and to Al Wijdan Al-Arabi, published in Holland.
  • Mr. Haddadin worked for Sawt Al-Sha’ab Jordanian Newspaper, as caricaturist between 1989-1990.
  • Mr. Haddadin is a founding member of the Jordanian Arts Association.
  • He lectured arts and decor materials at different Jordanian Community Colleges.
  • He has contributions in the field of art’s critics in the local Journalism.
  • He teaches free hand art to the students of architecture in Jordan University 1994-1995.
  • He did as a teacher for Music and Fine Arts College, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (1994 – 2003).